1. 365 Dinners, Documented

    Every Dinner from September 20, 2011 Thru September 19, 2012 in Vivid Colour

    F ood is something I think about a lot. I love eating. Always have, always will. But when I think about food I do so in a simplistic way. Thoughts like "These nachos need more cheese" or "I like the look of that taco" bounce around my head but disappear as soon as my hunger is satiated. Ruminations on food rarely veer into the world of self-reflection and I generally like it that way. BUT, there came a time last year when we (my partner Marilyn and I) agreed that taking a big picture look at our overall food intake would provide both novel entertainment and practical information. Until today the perception of my diet was informed entirely by my leaky memory. This is inherently flawed because I'm certain my brain purges some of the less dignified meals from recollection leaving me with a sanitized version of reality. In short, I can't trust my brain, hence the creation of anotherdayanotherdinner.com.

    This project is our attempt to remove the rose coloured glasses and take an unbiased look at how we actually eat. So for a full 365 days we photographed our dinners and organized them here in chronological order. Many have recipes in the event that you, internet visitor and food consumer, would like to make a dish yourself.

    Bon appétit.

  2. Meal Summary

    Total Vegetarian


    Total Meat


    Total Seafood


    Most Visited Take-out Joint

    Uncle Fatih's Pizza

    Best Dining Experience

    The Bearfoot Bistro

    Sad Bachelor Meal

    Pierogis, 1 Sausage and
    1 Carrot (unheated)

    Old faithful

    Broccoli & sun dried tomatoes over pasta. Quick to prepare & doesn't leave you feeling filthy. Get Recipe

    If you have some time...

    Three Sister Burritos. These take time to prepare but are worth the effort. Get Recipe

  3. Meet the Eaters

    Two blobs trying to stay dry in Vancouver, British Columbia.
    Contact: anotherdayanotherdinner@gmail.com